Met Gala (2023) Celebrities Red Carpet Theme

At the iconic Metropolitan Museum of Met Gala 2023, an Art in New York City, a star-studded gathering of Hollywood’s finest, renowned fashion designers, and industry insiders convened on a Monday evening. This event marked one of the most significant nights in the world of fashion.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Met Gala  had previously announced a unique dress code for this grand affair: “In Honor of Karl.” This dress code was a heartfelt tribute to the late, legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, a figure known for both his fame and his penchant for controversy, who passed away in February 2019. In this article, we will give you complete information and updates about Met.

Co-chairs of Met Gala 2023

In this year’s gala, a diverse and accomplished group of individuals will serve as co-chairs. In addition to Michaela Coel, who won an Emmy award for her screenwriting, there is Penélope Cruz, Roger Federer, and Dua Lipa. Adding to this stellar ensemble is the esteemed presence of Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, who has been instrumental in organizing the event since 1995, showcasing her unwavering Fashion commitment.

Their collective responsibilities encompass a range of crucial tasks, including curating the guest list, collaborating on an exquisite menu for the evening, and providing valuable input to the interior designers who will transform the venue’s decor. These efforts are all part of the intricate planning that goes into creating an unforgettable and visually stunning experience for the gala’s attendees, making it a night to remember.

Is anyone expected to attend?

The Met Gala takes pride in keeping its official guest list shrouded in secrecy, with the anticipation of who will attend always running high. Nevertheless, some celebrities occasionally provide a sneak peek by revealing their invitations in advance.

For instance, the talented actor Elle Fanning enthusiastically confirmed her presence at the event during an interview with Variety. She hinted at having a unique and theme-appropriate look prepared for the gala, promising a memorable appearance. Meanwhile, the singer Rita Ora shared her excitement with fans on Instagram, giving them a glimpse into her fittings for the occasion. 

On the other hand, Blake Lively recently disclosed that she won’t be gracing the ball with her presence this year, leaving fans curious about the red carpet. Past editions of the Met Gala have seen a constellation of stars in attendance. 

What is the best place to watch the Met Gala?

The Met Gala, renowned for its exclusivity, will offer a unique viewing experience this year. Vogue has planned a live stream of the event on its various social media platforms and official website, ensuring that fashion enthusiasts worldwide can tune in.

For those seeking comprehensive red carpet coverage, E! will begin broadcasting at 6 p.m. ET, giving viewers an up-close look at the glamorous arrivals. Additionally, NBC will provide a live stream of the red carpet on their website and app.

Once inside the museum, the details of the evening’s proceedings remain closely guarded. Attendees can expect a delightful cocktail reception followed by a sumptuous sit-down dinner accompanied by captivating entertainment. However, the inner workings of the gala remain a well-kept secret, with a strict no-phone and no-social-media policy in place. 

Who attended the Met Gala 2023?

Let’s kick off by discussing a standout moment from the evening: Rihanna’s stunning ensemble, which stole the spotlight, as expected. The Met Gala boasted an impressive lineup of attendees from the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

Among the notable guests were the timeless Naomi Campbell, exuding elegance in Chanel Couture, and the ever-fashionable Janelle Monáe, making a statement in a Thom Browne creation. Doja Cat brought her unique style to the event with an Oscar de la Renta gown, while Kim Kardashian turned heads in Schiaparelli. 

Billie Eilish showcased her individuality in a Simone Rocha outfit, and Dua Lipa exuded sophistication in Chanel Couture, accentuated by Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Bad Bunny displayed his fashion-forward sensibilities with Jacquemus, while Florence Pugh graced the red carpet in Valentino, complemented by Tiffany & Co. accessories.

Met Gala 2023: What Happened on the Red Carpet?

Allow me to share some of the memorable moments from the event: There were joyous pregnancy announcements from Karlie Kloss and Serena Williams, adding to the evening’s excitement. Interestingly, two Choupettes made appearances, embodied by Doja Cat and Jared Leto, each bringing their unique style to the gala. 

A couple of attendees made heads turn with their outfit changes, including Cardi B and Janelle Monáe. Notable fashion choices included Bad Bunny’s daring backless look, Lil Nas X shining in an all-silver ensemble that left little to the imagination, Dua Lipa stunning in vintage Chanel, paying homage to Karl’s iconic bridal designs. And, as always, Rihanna made a fashionable late entrance, as is her signature style, adding to the gala’s mystique.

What is the 2023 Met Gala dress code?

In conjunction with the theme, the distinguished guests were tasked with adhering to a specific dress code: “In honor of Karl.” This dress code, while open to interpretation, provided a focused guideline for attendees to pay homage to the iconic designer.

When the dress code was unveiled, Vogue presented several recommendations to help attendees capture the essence of the theme. Their first and perhaps most authentic suggestion was to don an archival ensemble from one of the fashion houses Karl Lagerfeld helmed during his illustrious career, such as Balmain, Patou, Chloé, Fendi, or Chanel.

Vogue’s second proposal encouraged attendees to showcase modern-day designs from Chanel or Fendi, two luxury brands profoundly influenced by Lagerfeld’s creative genius. Thirdly, they could embrace Lagerfeld’s spirit by finding their own Choupette (the designer’s famed feline muse) and dressing up à la Lagerfeld, adding a playful and imaginative twist to their ensemble.

What is the date of the Met Gala in 2023?

is customary, the Met Gala consistently graces the first Monday of May each year. In 2023, the grand event is set to dazzle on May 1st.

Furthermore, the distinguished co-chairs for the 2023 Met Gala have been revealed, featuring Dua Lipa, Michaela Coel, Penélope Cruz, and Roger Federer.

When will the 2023 Met exhibition be open to the public?

For art enthusiasts and the curious alike, the exhibition’s grand unveiling to the public is set for May 5, 2023. You’ll have the opportunity to explore this captivating display until July 16, 2023.

What is the reason for some people’s opposition to the Karl Lagerfeld theme?

While many in the fashion industry eagerly anticipate this year’s Met Gala and Costume Exhibit paying tribute to Lagerfeld, there are those who have reservations, citing the designer’s controversial moments and some of his problematic statements as reasons to abstain from the event.

Before his passing, Lagerfeld voiced his dissatisfaction with the #MeToo movement, expressing his weariness to Número magazine. He remarked, “What troubles me most in all of this is the starlets who took two decades to recall past events. Not to mention the absence of witnesses in these accusations of harassment; they’ve become quite contentious.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Met Gala’s theme for 2023?

The 2023 Met Gala theme is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.” This theme is a tribute to the late designer Karl Lagerfeld, known for his iconic tenure at Chanel and Fendi, spanning over fifty years. Lagerfeld also made significant contributions to his eponymous line and had notable stints at Chloé and Patou.

What is the purpose of the Met Gala?

The Met Gala, also known as the Met Ball or formally as the Costume Institute Gala or the Costume Institute Benefit, is an annual fundraising gala held to support the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

How can one secure an invitation to the Met Gala in 2023?

There are several avenues to receive an invitation to the Met Gala in 2023:

  1. Make a substantial donation.
  2. Achieve “It” celebrity status.
  3. Be romantically involved with a highly famous individual.
  4. Work within the ranks of Vogue.
  5. Perform at the Gala or date someone who performs.
  6. Become a sponsor of the Gala.
  7. Plead with Anna Wintour for the opportunity to purchase a ticket.
  8. Attain celebrity status through notable achievements.


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